Saturday, October 7, 2006

Harvest Poem

What a day we had yesterday. Wednesday is our big day out in our homeschool. We left the house at 10:45 after doing Reading and Vocabulary. We headed to Fine Arts for the kids Art classes. Classes start at 11:30 am and end at 2:15 pm. I enjoy this time because we moms just sit and visit while the kids are in class.

During Tinks art class, which is the last hour, I took Peter and ran to the library. I checked out The Hobbit and Heidi on video. I tried reading Heidi to Tink and she freaked out. So now we are going to watch it via video and hopefully she will finally get the full story of Heidi. She has still never heard the story even though I've tried to read it to her at least five times over the last couple of years.

If you recall I spoke of a book by Veritas Press that I liked. It was the one that the story of Madeline came out of with the worksheets and all to correspond with the literature book. Well one of the stories in there is Stonesoup. I tried to get Tink to read the book and then I tried to read it to her. She says its stupid because her teacher read it to her and nobody ever puts stones in soup so why should she listen to such a stupid story. Well today I found the book and the cassette tape at the library. I'm hoping she'll listen to it if someone reads it to her on tape. I was thrilled with the find but she's not so excited. We'll see.

After picking Tink up from Art class we headed up the road to a homeschool playgroup that I finally found. And yes, there were kids there Tinks age albeit they were boys! But she had fun playing airhockey with them anyway.

We were only able to stay an hour and then it was off to Taekwondo for Tink. While she was in class Peter and I again did some running around. This time we were off to the homeschool store, Exodus. While there I bought a different reader for Tink. I'm backing her all the way up to the middle of first grade in reading. At Exodus I again visited with friends who were there buying books; some of the same ones that were at art class. That was lovely.

I arrived home at 5:15 pm and quickly started dinner. I made beef patties in gravy, mashed potatoes, stir fried green beans and for dessert we had brownies and peaches; some of the last of my canned peaches from last year. Wendy and baby Jane came for dinner since Justin had a night class. I hadnt seen baby Jane in a few days and when she saw me she squealed and ran across the kitchen and just jumped into my arms. It was so precious!

All in all it was a good day. I love days when I can have deep meaningful conversations with friends. Today I was blessed with many of those conversations. My girlfriend bought three of us coffee and for an hour and a half we sat and visited. Fine pieces of art hung on varnished log walls in the coffee shop. Sitting there having a deep intellectual conversation was a very grown up feeling.

I will leave you with a poem I wrote last fall.

Harvest Praise

The air is thick with flying leaves
the geese are on the wing
and everywhere the world awaits
the chill that autumn brings

The windows in the house and barn
are etched with broken lace
the ice is on the water trough
a smile warms every face

Down in the garden, by the gate
The ripened pumpkins lie
Twixt dying vines they now await
Thanksgivings pumpkin pie

For harvest moon and country air
We thank Thee God of love
For friends and family and bright hearth
Our praise ascends above.

by~ Mrs Darling

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