Friday, October 26, 2007

Thanksgiving Lapbook

It's fall; the time of year that home schoolers feel the call to lapbook. Here is the Thanksgiving lapbook that we did last year. I got the ideas and templates for this one from Live n Learn. This is the cover. It is made from a file folder. The folded side of it has been slit to add the inside pages.
Here is what the folder looks like inside. I stood it on it's end so you could get a better idea of its pages. All the little books are made from card stock.
This is the first page. All these books open up into many different folds.

The first one we will look at is the red one at the bottom of the above pic. This is the cover of it.
When it opens this is what it looks like inside. I have another pic of Tinks answers to the questions but it was blurry just like this. Im not sure why this Separatist book turned out so blurry. But anyway you lift the two folds again and the answers are handwritten in by Tink.

This is the brown book on the far left hand page. It's entitled Terminology. Here it is opened to show the folds.
Under each word is the meaning of the word. This book is done with card stock that feels like soft leather. This is the book at the top of the second page titled Pilgim Leaders. The name of the leader is on the flap. When you lift it you have the date he was leader of the colony and then two statements of what he was known for.
This is the little yellow book under Pilgrim Leaders. Its called Food For Winter and it opens into an accordian. The words along the left side of the accordian folds say; dried, smoked, salted, freeze. Then as you can ssee Tink lists the foods according to how they would have been preserved.
This is the last book on the bottom of the second page.

Now we have turned the page to pages 3 and 4.
This is page 5 and 6.
The first book in the left hand corner says; Saying Thanks Around The World. You open it as shown here and you have all these languages. When you open the language flap it then tells you how to say thank you in that language.

This book is just under the Thanks one. Under each flap Tink wrote about the chores that child did in camp.
This is under the Wampanoag Boy flap.
This is the most complicated fold in the book. It is the green book at the top of page 6 labeled Samoset and Squanto.
I couldn't begin to open all the books to show you but that gives you a rough idea of how we did our Thanksgiving book. The bottom green book on page 6 says, Do you want white meat or dark meat and Tink took a survey of her friends to and filled in a graph.Most of the people chose white meat. Sprinkled throughout the book are little books called Did you know. These are just little facts that are commonly not known about the first Thanksgiving. The one I like is this one. Did you know the Indians introduced the Pilgrims to popcorn on the first Thanksgiving?

We are now working on a lapbook entitled, Leaves. This one we are doing without templates so Im sure it will look entirely different. It also wont be so detailed. This Thanksgiving one took 3 months to make. I want to do the one on Leaves in a months time. I will post the pics when it is done.

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