Thursday, June 12, 2008

Peter moves to second grade

Yesterday was Peters last day of first grade. I loaded up the kids and we went to his promotion and his picnic. he loved it. On the way home we rolled back the moon roof on the Honda and rolled down all the windows except Tiger Lilys. Then I cranked up the Disney station on the radio and we drove down the country roads playing the music as loud as we could in honor of my sons promotion to second grade; through the construction zones where hard hats turned to gawk at us...we just kept right on a goin'. We were celebratin' big time! The little boy I'm babysitting for the summer was here for his first day. Lets hope he doesn't go home and report what an odd bunch we were. But goodness, how the kids loved riding along in the wind like that!

I planted the garden today except the beans. I will plant them tomorrow. It's so good to finally have the garden in. It's just been forever this year. Thank you all for your comments on my gardens below. Gardens and friends just go together, don't they?

Well today my housekeepers come so I have to keep the four kids out of their hair. Tink has the Math part of her state test to do today so I'm going to take the boys and Tiger Lily to the park for the hour she's testing.

Im still sorting out this years school stuff. It's a forever project. I haven't even began to plan the fall yet. I'm too busy planning for the summer. I am getting the co-op off the ground so that feels good. We are all meeting in the park for our next meeting and having a potluck.

Today we started our summer read aloud program. Peter needs practice reading. He isn't reading where he should be by the end of first grade but he doesn't have a learning disability so I know that I can easily catch him up to grade level by fall. I'm already getting tutoring calls for fall and I'm not sure yet how I'm going to handle that. I guess I'll wait and see.

Tomorrow night we leave for a weekend in Seattle. The kids are excited because we decided to stay at a new motel up there that requires taking the ferry. They just love those ferry rides across the sound. I like going up their but oh my, fine cuisine is the name of the game at my in laws and yikes...can my diet afford it? I'll have to just do my best and not stress over it I guess.

The weather remains cool and today we had drizzle again. The rain is suppose to set in by tomorrow. At least there's an end to it in sight. We seldom get any rain July through September and we're almost there. We need to hang in just a wee bit longer.

Many of you are asking about my Dad. He is home from the hospital and doing well. My sister is staying there for this month. Pop sleeps the day away and still has the catheter and the tube into his back going to his k&dneys. He's still experiencing quite a bit of pain so continue to pray for him.

As usual the day threatens to get ahead of me. I have lots of watering to do this morning. While I'm outside working I've been popping sweet warm strawberries into my mouth off of my small little strawberry raised garden. Oh they are so yummy. Okay I'm going out to greet the day.

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