Monday, September 1, 2008

Im Drowning in Books and Clutter

You guys would not believe the mess Im in! My house looks like a hurricane blew through. This is Labor Day weekend here in the states so that means a four day weekend for Mr. Darling. Since its been mostly a rainy weekend I decided to nab hubby for some furniture moving! Of course, there were the regular family things first like biking along the Columbia River, shopping at Ikea and the strip malls, dining out and all such things but then it was down to business. I had a plan and I wouldn't be deterred.

The plan was to gut the small school room, the one Tink and my students referred to as The Principles Office! It housed the learning table, the chest of drawers loaded with crafts and the bookshelf of curriculum. It was where I took the kids to study with them individually. I wanted to move that room down to my office which is much bigger and where the kids desks set and where the computer was. I hated being spread through two rooms. The problem was that my office was also a guest bedroom back in the day. It also held a bed and my sewing machine cabinet.

The job was to move the bed and cabinet up the hall to the schoolroom and to move the table and bookshelves and chest down to my office. Oh the mess; the unimaginable mess! I never knew I had so much curriculum! I could open a store with the stuff. All the drawers from the sewing machine cabinet and chest needed taken out. All the books and pens and stuff needed taken off the table and the bookshelf. The kids trotted up and down the hall with the stuff for over an hour! We piled it all in the guest room across the hall. Take a look!

This my friends is my guest room and this is my work for the day! As you can see I am no where near ready to start school tomorrow! I wont even show you the garden swelling with produce ready to be canned! Help! I am in one disorganized mess and it's killing me!

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