Saturday, September 20, 2008

This weeks homeschool in Review

Tink is loving the Bob Jones curriculum. Maybe Ive finally found something that will stick.

Tink aged 11

In Reading Tink Read: Music In Your Heart, Trumpets and Pitchers, An Instrument For God. In the workbook she did pages; 7-15 which involved labeling the parts of a violin, completing poems by finding words that rhyme, writing adjectives to describe Gideon, working with long vowels, answering true and false for story comprehension, looking at the main character and deciphering the characters feelings and actions, working with the letter r as a controlled vowel sound, and more story comprehension questions.

Vocabulary: Working on Word List I made for words that are coming up in her book that she doesn't know.

In Language Arts she is finishing the Abeka 4th grade book from last year. We have done a unit and half so far into this term. This past week we did pages 143 - 156. We worked with compound verbs, capitalization and punctuation, recognizing nouns, compound nouns, common and proper nouns, and working with complete subjects and complete predicates.

Math - we finished chapter 1 and are in the middle of chapter 2. We learned the five steps for solving word problems, worked with comparing, missing addends and unknown parts, worked with charts and averages, and place value. Thursday morning we went to Starbucks and Tink did Math while I worked on paperwork. She had a hot chocolate and donut while I had coffee and pumpkin loaf. It was a cool morning and just perfect for studying at the coffee shop!

Spelling: Tink took two spelling tests this week and completed the workbook pages.

Literature: Reading Jenny Wren. Tink is reading a chapter a day and she thinks it's killing her.

Electives were: Monday: Clay Creations, Tuesday: PE, Wednesday: Tink wasn't feeling good so she missed her Beginning Orchestra class, Thursday: choir and PE, violin lesson and violin evening class, Friday: Life Skills in which Tink baked two different kinds of cookies. Peter also helped with this.

In co-op Tink worked on writing a good topic sentence, she had PE and played board games.

Peter 7
Peter goes to a charter school and then does some stuff here at home that I give him on the side.

In Reading he did story comprehension worksheets, identified sentences that tell about the picture, did a high frequency word match, did a phonic analysis of vowel sounds, and consonants, practiced sight words.

In Language Arts he identified telling sentences

Math he worked with identifying congruent shapes and finding cubes.

Stories read this week by me to Peter: 0 (ahem) that is changing this week!

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