Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Lapbook

Tink has finished her Easter lapbook just in time for Resurrection Day! This was a fun lapbook and an excellent way to put the details of Jesus last week on earth deep into the minds of the kids. I downloaded the Easter story that came with some of the mini books and wouldn't you know it I cant recall which site it came from. But the story was told by an aunt to her niece and it was told clearly and simply enough that both my kids could understand it. As we covered each chapter Tink would do the mini book, or books, that went with that part of the story.

Peter was especially struck with the story of the Passover. Could it be because he is the oldest son and his life would have been taken that night if his parents decided not to put the blood on the doorposts? Who knows? But the other day I heard him tell a little friend that he just loves the Passover. Folks this is what homeschool is all about for us as Christians. Our children can get a secular education anywhere but they cannot have the Bible as their main textbook in any grade school save the home school(and some private christian schools). If you are the mother of a Christian home and are homeschooling I beg of you to make the Bible your greatest study.

The story of Jesus' last week on earth is so important in the spiritual lives of our children. I felt it was of such great importance that I decided to drop other workbooks this week and focus on this chapter in Jesus life! We continued our classes at the Academy but here at home Tink did nothing else but this lapbook and reading stories pertaining to the Easter story. This lapbook and all the stories and discussions around the kitchen table culminated in one huge ending Friday night when we attended the Easter play at our church, entitled, More Than Just A Man. It was a perfect ending for our study.

This past week was a soul searching, thoughtful time in our home. A couple of weeks ago when we had barely begun this study we had communion at church. It was one of Peters first communions since he had asked Jesus into his heart. His understanding of what was happening was far greater than it had been because of this lapbook study.

I wish I could tell you all the intensity of this past week, the spiritual growth in my children and the deepening of faith that has taken place in our household as we made our way through this epic time in the life of our Lord. But now without further comment I will show the lapbook Tink has made.

Easter Lapbook

This lapbook has been made from a file folder. We will be taking a closer look at the mini books in the pics below.
This little lamb book is Tinks favorite. Each lamb lifts up to reveal another lamb underneath. The lambs tell how they resemble Jesus. Tink has written on them things like: Jesus was pure and good, Jesus was a sacrifice for sins, etc. The story that came with the download had the three ways Jesus was a like a lamb so it was easy for Tink to do this one.
The first photo above shows the communion book in the right hand bottom corner of the first flap. This is an inside look at that communion book. It explains what the communion symbols are for. This book too has a unique fold inside. Each of the three symbols are defined in the inner fold: The donkey, the palm branches, the word Hosanna. This book is a pile of coins. The top one says: The Wicked Plot of Judas. The pages tell the plot how he was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver.Under the coins in the pic above is The Betrayal and Arrest of Jesus. The photo below shows the inside of that book. Each one of these sides opens up yet again. And now the story is told in the child's own words. Now lets focus in this last flap. The book the Easter Song is sung to the tune of Do You know The Muffin Man.
Now we will lift up the inner flap of this file folder to reveal more books underneath. The flap is made from card stock and stapled to the file folder. Under the flap we now have eggs telling the story of Jesus using Bible verses in each egg. Under the flap and against the file folder we have three more books. The blue one tells the symbolism of the Easter egg. The orange one shows different kinds of lilies. Here we see the inside of the lily book. Also take note of the green book in the photo above that says, He is Risen. Now to the green book. It is actually card stock stapled together with a slit in the top in which we have placed a Jesus that can be pulled from the tomb by a string. This one too is one of my kids favorite parts of the lapbook. They love to make Jesus rise from the grave!
Hope you enjoyed this lapbook. I belong to several yahoo lapbook groups and if you are here from the email group feel free to leave a comment too. If you have done an Easter lapbook my readers and I would love if you would leave the address to it in the comments below.

The mini books for this lapbook came from:
Homeschoolshare: The Legend Of The Easter Egg
Homeschool Share: The Parable of The Lily
Christian Preschool Printables: I believe the only book from this one was the one of the Risen Jesus coming from the tomb.

If you see one of your templates in here and I have not mentioned your website be sure to let me know. I will give you credit here in this entry. If you would like to see more lapbooks that I have done just click on the Lapbooks and notebooking label below this entry.

The arrangement of this Easter lapbook is my original arrangement.

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