Friday, May 15, 2009

Our Day In Pics

We only have three more days of Academy classes so in memory of this past year I took these pics. I wanted a representation of each class for a keepsake for the kids. I thought that since I write about these classes so much that I would give you a peek into what these classes look like.

On Mondays Peter has clay class while Tink takes Orchestra. In the afternoon both children have Tao Kwon Do. So here my dear readers is what Mondays have looked like for us this past term.Tink is the second girl from the right in the brown and pink shirt.

Tuesday mornings we are at the Academy at 8:30 for Tinks clay class which I do not have a pic of. While she is in class Peter and I go upstairs to the school library and he does his schoolwork. This is the library where I often sit and type my posts. I'm sure you've read about it here cause I'm so in love with it.At 10 am Tink is done with Clay and it is time for Peter to go to PE. While he is in PE Tink does her school work. Parents have to stay with their kids in class if they are 3rd grade or under. So I pack up my stuff and move to the gym. Tink studies sprawled out on the stage.I sit on the gym floor just under Tink so I can help her with her work. If you notice Tinks coat and book on the stage you can get the real feel of the above pic and this one together. And yes, I can talk on my cell and work on the laptop at the same time! Note the ugly commuter mug of coffee Now do you see why I want another one? This thing goes with me everywhere.And yes, I know this is a bad pic of me but its all Ive got. Tink took it and I guess I'll blame it on her.After Peter is done we gather everything up from the gym and off we go down the hall to Computer Tech. Both kids are enrolled in this class. This is my favorite of their classes because I can just plug in the laptop at a table there and do research while I sit in with them.Tech lets out at 12 noon. We quickly gather our things and run for the car. We have to be five miles across town to the Christian Academy by 12:10. The kids brown bag their lunch on Tuesdays and eat it in the car. I drop them off at the Christian Academy at 12:10 and I am free at last. Did I really say that? Well, yeah, I have to admit it. I am free until 2:00 pm. The kids have choir and PE at the Academy; yes Peter has two PE classes on Tuesdays. Thus ends Tuesday.

On Wednesday we are out of the house by 9 for Peters cooking class. Peter has cooking from 9:30 to 10:00. I got into the cooking class after the smoothies and pizzas were made so this is the only pic I got.
At 10:00 Tink has orchestra class again.Then its home to study and have lunch. At 2pm we leave for Mad Science which I don't have a pic of. After Mad Science is another Tae Kwon Do class. Thus ends Wednesday.

Thursdays there is nothing until 1 pm and the kids act like its the weekend! Its so hard to get them motivated to do their school work. At 1:00 there is PE at the Christian Academy. At 3:30 its time to leave for Tinks violin lesson. At 6:00 its off to Awana.

Friday is homeschool at home all the live long day! Yeaahhhh!

And that is our school week in pics! Tonight was the awards ceremony for Awana. Its over for the year. Next week we do our Monday through Wednesday classes and its over for the year! I'm giving the kids a short break through Memorial Day and then on Tuesday the 26th we will pick up our home schooling again and finish our books by the 16th of July. Hows that for a neat wrap up of the year?

And yes, in case you are wondering this schedule has almost driven me insane! There I said it for you!


  1. This was a really fun post. I like seeing people's daily lives.

    3:18 AM
    Vivian said...
    Thanks for sharing...I bet the kids are ready for a break too...

    5:21 AM
    Kate in NJ said...
    Wow! P wants to do Mad Science next year...ok, all the time.
    I'm thinking about it.
    I'm not a big fan of outside classes (for us).

    5:54 AM
    Marva said...
    I enjoyed the post and pictures. Thank you for sharing. I have a mug just like yours and the thermos to match! LOL!

    6:05 AM
    Molytail said...
    Cool - I love seeing pics of people's days in action! :-)

    Hey...are those... egg-shaped planet earths? Behind Peter, in the clay painting pic... Neat looking....

    I'm guessing they have problems with people playing with & taking away the piano? I was reading the signs plastered to it LOL

  2. 6:32 AM
    Mrs. Darling said...
    My oh my! You readers see everything. Yes, those egg shaped planets and yes the piano does disappear. Seriously. I have seen it rolling down the hall many times before. Teachers want it for dance classes usually in the gym so out it goes!LOl

    8:34 AM
    Vanessa said...
    Are you keeping this schedule for the next school year? I love all the classes. I did not think the pic was terrible. You just have a few better pic's that you have posted. I am so glad you said your schedule was insane, now I won't have to worry if I upset you cause I said it, LOL. ((((big hugs))))

    Thank you so much for sharing your school week. I love when people share like this with pic's and everything.


  3. 8:54 AM
    Mrs. C said...
    This academy looks wonderful! Can I covet, or what? :p

    9:34 AM
    Dawn said...
    Busy for you, but what great opportunities Tink and Peter are getting! And the looks like a place I'd love to spend lots of time in. :)

    11:40 AM
    REAL ME said...
    What a neat post. Thanks for sharing this. I really wish I could call you and personally talk to you about school. I have Ethan who be doing 4th grade. I have no clue where to even start.

    11:45 AM
    Ganeida said...
    MrsD. I too loved all the pics but I especially loved Band.. The hours I've spent listening to the kids rehearse! Yep, know the sound of an untuned band well! lol Pain before pleasure. The joy as they reach performance standard. The hours away from home are a royal pain I know but things like band really only can be done in a group setting.

    4:11 PM
    Kelly said...
    What a busy and fun day, Mrs. Darling! (I wanna try my hand at the rope climbing! I remember that from school, LOL!)

    You deserve a relaxing weekend, mama!!!! (Happy belated Mom's Day!)

    9:48 PM
    Deb said...
    Oh my heck, how DO you do all the things you do? I am your age, but all of my kids are grown. I can't imagine having young children at my age. I just had my first grandbaby in December and I work a full time job outside the home, which keeps me busy enough. Maybe I need to work on time management? LOL

    11:10 PM
    Mrs. Darling said...
    Deb I am going to admit its not as easy as it was when I was younger, But I think you just get in the groove. I have been parenting now for 27 years. If I would have had a break in there I think I might realize how really exhausting it is for an old lady. Parenting after 40 is no picnic. Its hard to explain the difference in energy to some one who is younger. I could work circles around me a decade ago! LOL

    6:00 AM
    ComfyDenim said...
    I'm way behind in reading blog posts. sorry.

    This schedule would drive me crazy too. I wouldn't do most of it, but I also have a 5 year old and 3 year old.

    6:45 AM
    Because I said so.... said...
    Good Lord woman I need a vacation just reading that. How on Earth do you stay SANE? I am such a home body that being on the go like that makes me mental.

    How did you go about finding a violin class for Tink?

    9:04 PM
    Mrs. Darling said...
    Because I said so, first I inquired at the schools for violin teachers who gave private lessons through the summer. Then I found one from that list. I then discovered that she taught orchestra at the academy so I changed Tinks orchestra class to the same teacher as her private one. It works out wonderfully because now when Tink doesnt understand something in class the teacher can help her in the private night lessons.

    10:29 PM


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