Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Winter Schedule for 5th Grade

Today was a good day in spite of my aching ribs and heavy coughing. I met with Peters ES again today and got everything squared away. There was a chance that he wouldn't get into the cooking class because it wasn't listed in the handout of open classes. So I asked the ES if she could just check into it for me and see if by any chance he could join. She says, "Well you're in luck. I don't have to check in because I am the new cooking instructor for winter term so of course he can join." This class was crucial because it means that Peter is in class the same time as Tink.

So why is that important? Well dear reader, obviously you haven't been around Peter. You see that child cant sit still for nothin'. When he waits on Tink in class he runs around and around the gym, then up to the family waiting room, then out to the playground, then wheee down the elevator to the cafeteria where he asks to join a class of all things! The class was a gym class for younger kids and they had teeter totters out and he thought it would be fun to join. Of course they told him no! But you see what I'm up against? Its just best for all concerned if he is in his own class in those time slots that Tink is busy. Today he actually settled down for a while and joined a game of pokeman cards that was being played at a table nearby.

So now with Peter enrolled in all the classes that I want him to be in I can breathe easier. I actually had an hour this afternoon of free time while both kids were in Tai Kwon Do. I went to Joannes Fabrics and just browsed through the craft stuff enjoying every minute of it. I was awakened to the fact that the rest of the world is closing in on Valentines Day and here I am stuck in December! That was eye opening! So I decided the best way to catch up was to purchase some adorable little cookie cutters and cupcake forms. It made me feel like I was moving to the beat of the same drummer as everyone else anyway!

And speaking of moving to the same drummer I'm totally feeling in touch with the heartbeat of life. There is nothing like getting smack into the heart of learning to give me that feeling that life is alright. Today I spoke for two hours with Peters teacher, planning his term. All around us were others studying and other teachers talking. My girlfriend sat at the table with her kids and everyone was deep in their studies. A room that just seeps of education and learning and intellect is a room I love being in.

I was struck anew today at how busy us mothers really are. No matter what stage of life your children are in if you are a mother you are busy. There is, however, an entirely different level to that busyness when you homeschool. There I sat at the table with my girlfriend and Peters teacher and our kids studying and 4 busy hours later I see the same girlfriend dressed all in white with her black belt for Tai Kwon Do and teaching a class. One of her sons, about 15 years old, who had been on the phone at the Academy working out a business venture of some sort, was here now too, dressed in his white uniform with his black belt tied firmly in place, teaching the beginning class.

I thought of all that had happened in the four hours since last we had met; doctors appointments, more schooling, laundry, dinner prep, and on and on it goes, yet here we were for yet another class, going, going, going. This is the kind of energy I feed on and this is what thrills me. When a person puts in a full day of hard work, the evening hours are so much sweeter because you know you have redeemed the time throughout the day and now you can rest in peace and rejuvenate for the day ahead.

There's a lot of busy work that goes into having an ES in charge of the kids. I have to meet with her once a week but the funny thing is that she isn't requiring anything of me that I haven't already been doing. Here is where I toot my own horn. So pardon me if I sound a bit smug but she wants a weekly report of pages done in each subject and then monthly she will write a report on what was actually being learned on those pages. That then is turned into the state and it has to match what the state requires for that grade.

Well goodness, Ive been doing all that anyway so now all I have to do is attach my Word document to an email and send it to the ES. It has all the info on it. I was keeping my own records on this just in case the state ever stepped in and questioned what I was doing. Now its proven to be useful. Here is the form that I will send in this week. Note that it looks much like Tinks weekly schedule I have shown you before but on this one I keep record of what exactly she is learning in those subjects.

Week of January 19
Language Arts -
217, 218 – Introduction to Adverbs
219 - Adverbs that modify adjectives or adverbs
220 - Distinguishing adjectives from adverbs
221, 222 – Practicing with adverbs
101- Division Facts with 6 or 7 as a divisor;
102 – 103 Identifying the correct operations using a calculator
104 - Identifying equations in word problems
105 - 107 Chapter review
108 – Fractions : halves to twelfths
109 – Fractions: Part of a set
Esther the Queen pg 177-181 workbook pg. 71 and 72 –comprehension: inferring character traits and emotion from dialogue
Esther the Queen pgs182-187 workbook pgs. 73, 74 Using comparative and superlative forms correctly
Esther the Queen pgs 188 -192 workbook 75, 76 (read words on 76 to me); matching antonyms and using definitions from a glossary
Esther the queen pgs 193 -200 workbook pgs.77 and 78 Structural analyses; demonstrating understanding of contractions
Lesson 20 – Working with the long oo sound
Lesson 21 – Work with double consonants
Chapter 2: Exercise for Good Health
Pgs 21 - 25 Facts about Muscles
Vocabulary - Lesson 6. When you are done read the story to me.
Music – Choir Tuesday, Violin Lesson Thursday, Orchestra Mon and Wed
Violin - Practice 5 times Put a check mark here after this sentence for every time you practice!
1______ 2_____ 3_______ 4______ 5 _____

PE- volley ball practice Tuesday and Thurs, Game on Friday; Tao Kwon Do Monday and Wednesday

Who knew that I had it all covered? The ES was very pleased because this means that she doesn't have to write up a monthly report. I've done the work for her! Little did I know...

Okay, I'm over myself now and facing plain old me. You see in reality I am a coughing hacking mess sitting here in my red robe and pink slippers sipping 7-up. Why the 7-up you ask? Well because my mother use to give us 7-up when we were sick as kids and now I still need it when I'm sick. That's just the way it goes. My kids need it too. I don't know where they got that idea! (wink)

I have so much to tell you and show you. I still havent shown you my organization stuff and now hubby bought me a cool gadget for the cans in the kitchen and a .... this is all another post in itself. So hang in there. I'll be back.

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