Thursday, September 17, 2009

Peter the Scientist

Peters Science Kit came today! Yippee! Christian Light Education offers a science kit to go with their science book. The kit is made up of every thing that will be needed throughout the year for the particular grade level. We opened it and it was filled with lovely things, like, balloons, tuning fork, dirt, seeds, beakers, thermometers, dirt, different kinds of rock, paper cups, magnifying glass, etc.

Now sure I have most of that stuff around here but it was worth it to me to pay 30 dollars for the kit just to know that everything would be at my fingertips when Peter gets to that particular experiment.

After that arrived today in the mail my husband told me that he has ordered a Science Box online for Peter. It's designed to teach the principles of electronics to children. Here's the way it is advertised:
The easy-to-handle components snap together to create up to 500 different electronic experiments.
Create circuits that involve magnets, water, sound, light and touch.
Create circuits that make a light bulb flash, motorized fan, sound effects, recording voice, AM Radio, Burglar Alarm, Traffic Lights, display letters and numbers.
He is going to be thrilled when it arrives!
Peter earned $10 stacking wood for the neighbor the other night. He spent it at the homeschool store on a box of plaster stuff and forms for making volcanoes, or planets, or dogs and cats even! That boy loves Science! But then what boy doesn't.

The other day a friend of mine asked Peter what his hobby was and he said, "Extension cords!" I about split. How true! I'm forever taking them out of his bedroom. He has them strung from one end to the other connecting radios, Cd player, lights, and clocks.

Man, I love that kid! Cant wait until he sees his new Science stuff!


  1. That electric kit looks neat. My Ethan would love that.

  2. Those kits are totally worth it! I need to see if I can get one for Rod & Staff(6) from the Home Science Store. You are son does not like hands-on science. I'm hoping this will change because he is very good at math, and I'm thinking he may move ahead with a science interest later on. He has gotten it into his head that he is no good at science. I have no idea where he got this from?!


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