Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pumpkins Everywhere

Today my K-2nd graders started their pumpkin lapbooks. They are simple ones but, oh so reminiscent of fall and everything it meant to us "back when". We also made Calendars for the month of October and each child wrote the dates in their own calender made from card stock. We worked with the letter P for pumpkin and illustrated mini pumpkin books for the lapbook. We studied chipmunks with the use of a picture I had taken from the kids, Backyard magazine and mounted on card stock.

We learned that a chipmunk can carry 4 acorns in each cheek pouch and one in his teeth. That little nugget gave us not only a Science lesson but a Math lesson as well. The kids figured the acorns in the chipmunks mouth much quicker than they would have if the problem were written on a paper.

I love this time of year. It makes it so easy to plan lessons. I will post pics and links to our pumpkin lapbook when it's done. I love lapbooking especially at the younger ages! So stay tuned here for an update.


  1. Neat idea. Where do you find your ideas and layouts for lapbooks?

  2. Realme if you click on the lapbook label on my side bar you will see some of the lapbooks we have done. Included are links to the lapbook site. The Math one I made up myself but I have links to the mini books and how to fold them.

  3. We like lapbooks, too. Originally they were just a way to make things fun, but with some subjects we've learned that they also make things easier to remember. I was going to post a link here to a cute basic Halloween lapbook that we did a few years ago and expanded on, but the link seems to have gone the way of a cyber ghost! ;o)


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