Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Notebooking your childs work

These books are Scholastic Kindergarten books that I got at Costco through the years. Every time I needed a worksheet on something I had to look through all the books to find one I wanted. It never failed that after we had moved onto something else weeks down the road I would find a wonderful worksheet that I wished I would have had back when we were studying that particular thing.So for the last two weeks I have been spending every spare moment punching Photobucket - Video and Image Hostingout all the worksheets and categorizing them into sub groups. Then I punched hole sin the side and put them into these three ring binders. It was hard to decide at times what paper should go where.Photobucket - Video and Image HostingI have a total of nine hours into this project. It was long and tedious but oh so worth it. Now when I want something for Peter all the papers on that subject or letter are at my fingertips. I noticed after taking this pic that the math one isn't in here. Anyway, after the kids complete the worksheets they put them into their personal binders I spoke about several days ago. In this way we can easily see where we've been. I really cannot tell you how much the kids love their binders! And the time this method has saved me is amazing. Anyway this is just a little organization tip I thought someone might find useful.


  1. Enjoying reading through old posts. :)

  2. We did the same thing back in the day. I still have my son's, and I started one for my four year old. It's fun to look through them.


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