Monday, March 29, 2010

The end of spring break

Spring break is over and it's back to school! I'm excited to be back in the saddle again. There was not enough structure over the week break and I hate not having structure. My husband took the week off and all schedules were flown to the four winds. Peter hasn't practiced his music, nor has Tink. In fact, not one child even picked up a book to read!

Well I guess that's not exactly true. Peter did bring me a book a couple of nights ago and asked me to read it to him. It was a deep thinking sort of book. Okay, no it wasn't, it was Cat in The Hat, but hey, at least we read something!

It is pouring rain here today, I mean, raining as in monsoon type rains! Tink and Peter both have classes at the charter school then it is back home for Peter and another little boy I tutor. Tink is at the charter school all day on Mondays.

Tonight Tinks youth group is taking a bus to a church meeting about 2 and a half hours away. I have mixed feelings about her going. I'm just not comfortable with buses traveling that far in this torrential rain! Maybe I will feel better when the sun comes up and I actually get into this day.

For now it's more coffee! Here's to the last nine weeks of school! Yes we are going to do a little bit over the summer but we aren't going to be hitting it with nearly the intensity of the winter days.


  1. Like the blog look. We start break next week. I am just biting my nails. I am ready for it yet I am not.

  2. So, what is your take on Teaching Textbooks now?

  3. Exactly the same as my post on the review of them. They are at least a year behind gradelevel. But I dont see why they wouldnt work if a person knew that before they ordered. I love the independent learning they offer and Tink has melt downs over them so that is good. If I had a kid though who was good at Math I wouldnt use it. I have no intentions of using it with Peter. There are just better programs out there and much more advanced programs that cover more in one year.


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