Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sh! Class in session

This morning arrived with snow on the ground. It was just a light skiff but still it was snow! Here in the Pacific Northwest cherry trees are blooming, daffodils are up and azaleas are in full bloom. The snow looked out of place in the midst of springtime! This afternoon the air is balmy and my school room window is open to let in all the merry little breezes.

I love the school room after the busyness of the day. A mere half hour ago here is what was happening in this room. Yes, its my Story of the World class. They are listening to the book read in audio and coloring masks of King Tut while they listen.

When they are done they will do map work pertaining to the lands around the Valley of The Kings and answer review questions on last weeks lesson.

You might notice the jars of colored pencils on the table by the girls in the pic above. Tink and Peter were always racing to see who could get the most pencils from the little drawer where they are kept. I got so tired of their bickering and squabbling about who was getting what that I finally got smart and separated the pencils into jars. I needed 5 jars. Well amazingly enough I had exactly 5 sets of each color of pencil! Now when the kids come in for SOTW they just take a jar to their desk and all the squabbles are over! Its such a simple solution yet it alluded me all this time. So much of how a day goes is due to how many little arguments can be avoided and how much time I have spent in preparation.

Another way I have changed the flow of things is to buy these little TV trays. They are portable enough that the kids can move them to wherever they want to study. Peter and my student P have permanent desks in the schoolroom but they move around a lot to separate rooms to get away from the noise when classes are going on. Tink and my other teenage student study downstairs most of the time. It helps to separate the boys from the girls. There's a lot less fuss that way!
So another day is over. Hopefully I have been able to touch these young lives and leave an imprint for good. Now I'm going to tidy the school room and go out for some fresh air!


  1. I like seeing your school room. It looks like such fun. I would like to get my son to learn this way, but he prefers books only.

  2. I like it very much. It looks sooo clean and organized. :)


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