Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Next Years Curriculum Ready to go

I've got next years curriculum almost figured out! Can you believe it? I know, me neither. I really didn't have a problem with figuring out Science or History. I am going with CLE and Story of The World again. We may just do SOTW as a story rather than using the tests and activity pages. I'm not sure about that yet.

Science was a no brainer because I hate Science. Yes, I know most homeschoolers love the Science part but I'm not one of them! With Christian Light you can order the Science kit that goes along with the book for every grade! You don't have to go looking for all the stuff to do the experiments. The books are all workbooks that are intended for the student to do on their own which is nice when mom hates to do the Science! I add library books and DVD's to the Science curriculum to spice things up and add variety.

Tink will be sticking with Teaching Textbooks for Math and Bob Jones for Reading and Language Arts.

Peter will be doing Math, Science, and History with CLE. His reading is still to be determined which means his Language Arts is still to be determined. I keep those two subjects in the same curriculum because publishers and writers usually match the grammar workbook to the workbook in the Readers.

For Spelling both kids will be doing Sequential Spelling by DVD. They are starting that this term and it is amazing! They are both doing book one so I only needed to buy the one DVD!

Music lessons and Orchestra classes will continue like this year. I am also adding a computer class for Peter and a photo editing class for Tink. The !classes will qualify as technology and therefore they will make the state happy! Yes, I try to keep the state happy and I am totally aware that it sets me apart from most homeschoolers but that's just how I operate.

So what about you? Are you thinking of next year yet? I have never had a year where it was just so easy to plan the fall term. I think it could be that my kids are happy with the work they are doing so I only had to make minor tweaks to the program.


  1. Hello Mrs. Darling!

    I am finally venturing back into the blog world. It sounds like you have another wonderful year planned for the kids. I have been looking at SOTW myself. And I am sure you know how much I adore Sequential Spelling. I didn't know they had a DVD though. I might need to check that option out.


  2. Ugh. I'm in the middle of planning and it isn't going well. Trying to step away from it for a few days to get some perspective.

  3. I am heading to our homeschool expo this weekend. I hope to make some more final decisions after that. I am interested in the sotw.

  4. We don't like science here either! Nature science is okay, but the other, not so much. We are doing science in the summer so that we can focus on it, and do our experiments without having to fit it in with other subjects. We are continuing to use Rod & Staff, but when it runs out, I'd like to try Apologia.

    This summer I am going to try to use kitchen science as much as possible. I've found some good projects online, so that we don't have to buy lab materials. I'll blog about it...we'll see who this pans out.

    We do the Schoolaid series as well - Pathway readers, vocabulary, and health. I really, really like these, and my son takes to them.

    At some point we'll begin CLE for the upper grades, but I hope Apologia works out for science. It looks promising.

    You know, it's nice that you have that charter school for the extras. We don't have anything like that here. It's is so nice that you have all that in one place, rather than trying to search it out individually.


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