Monday, September 20, 2010

Peters 4th grade schedule

This school year promises to be a challenging one again. The children's school schedules are full at home and at the charter school.

Peter is carrying a full load but he just cant sit and study for long. As a result I have interspersed his studies with lots of I have enrolled him in three different PE classes and community basketball in the evenings. He is a kid that needs to release large amounts of energy. I'm hoping this will be enough to keep him moving and focused during the rainy season.

Peter is taking math in Bob Jones again this year and is excelling. He is going into the fourth grade but is placing at the 6th grade level in math. He loves Math.

I wish he was so in love with Language Arts! I am taking him through two years in one this year in grammar. It's pretty intense but Peter has the wherewithal to do it. He just needs to focus his little self and set his mind to doing the work.

In Social Studies, Grammar, Reading, and Science he is using the self paced program of Christian Light Education,

He is also taking a Science class at the charter school. I am not a lover of Science. I pretty much cant stand it really. I just hate the experiments and all the "stuff". Okay, I know you Science lovers are cringing right now but knowing I hate it is the first step towards the realization that my kids wont get much Science if it were left to me. So Peter is taking Animal Antics Air and Water at the charter school. There he can do labs and experiment to his hearts content.

Because of this lack of feeling for science on my part I have also put Tink into a Life Science curriculum that is taught through musical lyrics. All of the word definitions are sung to popular camp songs so the kids can learn them easier. It's going to be a life saver for Tink who struggles with vocabulary and word definitions.

I have taken a completely different approach with Peter in Spelling this year. Spelling is built into the CLE program but I want him to have a bit more so I found a spelling book that I think will work for him. It's neither Bob Jones or Christian Light and right now I cant even think of the publisher.

I am so tired today. I couldn't sleep during the night. My mind was going in a million directions over a talk I am suppose to give to some teachers the end of this week. I was thinking of everything I wanted to be sure to include in this session on teaching the slow learner. Because of my restless night and because I ate sugar yesterday against my better knowledge, I am now dragging.

I am sitting in a guitar class with a tutoring student. I have another student in a hand bells class. Peter is in PE and Tink is in Writing for middle school. I'm starting to drag. In one hour I have my first public school student arriving at my house for tutoring. I have tons to do in that hour, not the least which is to get home and quickly brew myself a cup of coffee before the evening students arrive.

If only this headache would leave!

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