Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The Isolation of Homeschool

Im tired; so very tired. I shouldn't even try to blog when I'm so down. So why are my spirits so low you ask? Well because I hate the isolation of homeschooling! I NEED people. If you've read my blog for any length of time you know how badly I need people. So today Tink and Peter had their art and drama classes and I had a wonderful discussion with a very close girlfriend of mine. It was a rainy day and so we sat and visited in the little coffee shop located in the Fine Arts building.

So that should have been sufficient you say. On no! All that did was whetted my appetite for more. I am sleuthing out homeschool groups and classes all over the metro area. I refuse to stay in isolation.

I'm so tired tonight I could just cry. And of all things I don't have a decent tub to soak in. A good bath does wonders for me but the tub in our master bathroom is under construction and the tub upstairs is just plain pitiful in its shallowness and child proofed water temperature thingy that never allows a good HOT bath. The third bathroom doesn't even boast a tub; just a poor pitiful shower. Showers are okay for wake me ups in the morning but they are woefully inadequate as body de-stressors.

Then there's the hottub out on the deck. I'd love to sit in that but its not hooked up. Mercy I'm tired! And then to top it all off I had gained a pound when I stepped on the scale this morning. Well you know what that calls for don't you? That's right! A toasted piece of cinnamon bread with butter and a chocolate chip cookie. That'll teach that scales to move up on me!! How dare it!

My MIl isn't coming tomorrow after all thank God. She woke up with a swollen big toe. I kid you not.

Im so tired.
I'm feeling better this morning. I actually think I'll survive. I think a lot of last nights low spirits were due to not being able to find outlets for Tink. She and I had a long talk in which she cried her little eyes out that she didn't have any friends. I am aware of this; acutely aware. She plays with two five year olds here in the neighborhood and other than that she has one good friend. Oh yes she knows more kids her age but she doesn't like them.

Whats more is that she doesn't like a lot of the classes offered for homeschoolers either. She now tells me that she hates it that I signed her up for sewing lessons. She says she wants to finish her lion picture in Art and then quit that and she absolutely never wants to see a drama class again!

Well needless to say she's going to finish all she starts. Drama and Art go until December and she will be there. I may let her out of the sewing class since it hasn't started yet. So the whole point is that she wants friends but she doesn't want anything to do with friends that come in a class! They must be friends to play with not learn with. I tried to explain to her that classes are a way to meet these friends but she didn't want to hear it.

Last night I put out a plea on a yahoo homeschool group I'm on and a lady wrote me and said she'd love to get our girls together and play. She also has a son Peters age. I had met her at Art class but I had no idea she was in the yahoo group with me. Her kids were well behaved but much more shy than mine. Anyway we decided to introduce the kids next Wednesday at class.

It's so hard to find friends and classes that Tink likes. Last night I told her that I would enroll her in any class she wanted. I asked her if she'd like to take violin? NO! what about gymnastics? NO I don't want to do anything that I have to do in front of people! Well then what about a craft class? NO! Would you like to take dance? NO! Cooking classes? NO! Do you want to go back to taikwondo? NO! Would you like to join a book club? NOoooooooo! Oh mama I hate everything you mentioned. The only thing I want to do is take guitar lessons.

Okay so maybe I'll get her guitar lessons. She had a little exposure to guitar in the public school and loved it. The problem is that all the fingering is way too beyond her uncoordinated abilities. But maybe I'll let her try anyway.

So I have a kid that doesn't want to take any classes and doesn't like any of the girls she knows. That leaves quite a dilemma. Oh boy, my brain hurts from thinking about it.

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