Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Pearler Bead Art

Here's a recap of this past week. These first two pictures are of our Nature walk on Friday. We never did get a bug and Tink refused to use leaves or flowers for her nature notebook so the notebook remains blank while Tink goes in search of the perfect bug. There is no reasoning with her. She has this idea that she wants a bug and nothing less will do. The problem is that she's afraid of every bug she sees so we may never actually get a real live specimen to study. We may have to go with pictures of bugs we see. Anyway here are the kids on our walk. They loved this.

Here we are playing basketball at recess. Yes, I even shot a few baskets.

These are some sun catchers the kids painted in craft time.

And here is a creation Peter made out of Sculpey and mama forgot it on the oven so it baked about three hours. Naughty mama. Peters very proud of this nest and it's four eggs.

And these are made with Perler beads. It's easy to tell which ones Peter made. His are the ones that are made of all colors. Tinks have a little more thought put into them! Tink made a dolphin too but her mother didn't iron it quite right and we lost the tail. I think the kids need a more crafty mother. She really is no good at this stuff! Crafts are not her specialty to be sure.

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