Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Charlotte Mason for third grade

Now I know I posted our fall schedule already but now things are more fine tuned. Of course, they have to starts tomorrow! Tink has told her Daddy many times today that tomorrow is school. If only her enthusiasm remains. I've switched to Charlotte Mason in hopes that school will be more fun for her.

Here is Tinks Level 3 school schedule loosely assembled with the help of ambleside.

9:00-Devotions (Bible reading,Pilgrims Progress,singing)

9:30-Explode The Code *

9:45-Reading (Bob Jones University;)*

Monday-An Island Story
Wed-Childs History of the World
Thurs-Trials and Triumph

Tues,Fri-Robert Louis Stevenson


10:45-math(Making Math Meaningful)*

11:05-Grammar(using worksheets and copywork)*
W-Art at Academy of Fine Arts

M-American Tall Tales
T-Parables From Nature
W-Art at Academy of Fine Arts
Th.-Heroes by Kingsley
F-The Princess and the Goblin

W- Art at Academy Of Fine Arts


M-Science/Nature Study (using my huge resource of Click and Your Backyard magazines*
T-Geography-Minn of the Mississippi
W-Drama at Academy of Fine Arts*
Th-Minn of Mississippi
Fr-Bio of DeVinci

M-Science Lab
T-Cooking/housekeeping Lab
W-violin lesson at Academy of Fine Arts
Th-Story of Inventions
Fr-Nature Lab (Work on nature journals)

1:15-Supplemental Reading(Hiedi)

1:30-Center Time(the kids will work with manipulatives, art, sand, wood, etc. There is no ending time on this. They will play in the center until they tire of it. This will not be closely supervised by me. I will set up and supply a couple different learning centers but they will play on their own).

*Books are not Charlotte Mason

To keep the house running smoothly the children will begin using their chore chart again. The last two months of summer we haven't been very faithful with it! During the school year I put chore cards in their To Do pockets. These chores must be finished before school starts in the morning. They are small things like getting dressed, making beds, brushing teeth, setting and clearing the table etc. Tinks home therapy is done before breakfast each day too. She also has her skin brushed in the morning,at lunch, at dinner and again at bedtime.

I am also returning to my cleaning schedule that I have used for years. It becomes a very loose schedule in the summer but I adhere to it strictly in the school year.
Here are the rooms I clean on each day of the week:
T-3 downstairs bedrooms
W-3 bathrooms
Th-2 living rooms
F-2 upstairs bedrooms and schoolroom
S-porches and hallways and over all pickup

Every day is Laundry Day!

This year I'm doing something I've never done before. I'm planning my meals for the week ahead! I think I pretty much need to do this. I haven't gotten this weeks meals planned yet or I would post them.

Another very important thing that is missing is Peters Kindergarten schedule. Tinks schedule is carefully designed to have her engaged in things she can do by herself while I work with Peter. Peters schedule isn't all put together yet. I'll be burning some midnight oil on that. Tinks schedule took all summer to figure out. Peters will only take about half an hour because the skeleton is already there because of Tink.

This, my friends completes a day in the life of a Charlotte Mason homeschooler. Any part of this may be reproduced without permission by time harried moms around the world.

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