Monday, March 9, 2009

Dreaming of Springtime and Lapbooking

I stayed up until 1 am this morning. Its now 6 am and I can barely open my eyes. Its going to be a long day I tell you! So what kept me up all night? Glad you asked. You see, I was prowling the Internet for free lapbooks on Easter. Yes, that's just how excited I get about lapbooks! Peter is working on about Spring but I wanted to find one on the Resurrection for Tink to do. I can tell you that they are almost nonexistent. Curr Click has one you can buy and Homeschool Share has one on the Legend of The Easter Egg but I want one for Tinks age level and I want one for free. I spent $11.00 on Peters Spring lapbook so I'm looking for downloads without spending a penny for Tinks.

If I had my way we would lapbook our way through the school year. I couldn't believe the cool things that I found! A year ago when we made our last lapbook you could scarcely find anything. Now I start searching and the coolest things are all over the web! I want to do all the Literature and Bible ones but time wont permit. I love them so much I may just do them myself! Yeah really. I would do that.

There just aren't enough hours in a day I tell you! I have so many things I want to do with the kids that it's annoying when the day ends and everyone is tired! I want to haul every one up at the crack of dawn and get going again! There is just so much exciting stuff to see and do and study this time of year!

Yesterday Peter finished his pinch pot in clay class and its already filled with dirt and sunflower seed. I need to start getting containers around for indoor seedlings for the garden. I would love to do a unit on gardening and such and I will eventually but here I go, racing ahead of the season. Yesterday it snowed almost all day. Thats annoying. I want spring time!

Have you ever noticed how many holidays are in the spring? You have St Patricks Day, April Fools Day,Easter, Passover, Mothers Day, and Memorial Day. My heart about skips beating when I think of the possibilities for learning tucked in there! Easter of course will take the largest portion of our spring time study. I am finding little books and templates around the web to design my lapbook for Tinks study of Jesus Resurrection. I even found a little fold book on communion!

After prowling around the web for four hours last night I went to bed only to dream that I had found the perfect lapbook. All night I was working on mini books and searching for more ideas. The only problem was that I was in bed so when I awoke my lapbook was not all ready for Tink like it had been in my dream! Okay, so I just realized how weird that probably sounded. Dreaming of lapbooking? Yeah, well, what can I say? I told you all this exciting stuff! I even joined a new lapbook group sometime in the wee hours of the morning. I didn't realize I had done that but this morning there was my acceptance in my yahoo mail account. Its amazing the things I can accomplish on autopilot!

This is such a busy week. I need to stay focused. I would love to go on the church bus tonight to a church out of town where Bible Conferences are being held but can I do it? Wednesday through Friday we are having our own missions conference. Thursday my dear mother in law comes! Friday is also Homeschool Recess Day with friends. Saturday is Peters last basketball game. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Peter spends a total of 10 hours a week in sports. That doesn't count any organized practice at the hoop or outdoor play. All ten hours of that are done under the watchful eye of teachers and coaches. Poor kid is simply exhausted come nighttime.

Well its 7:00 am. I really need to get in the shower. We have to be at Tinks clay class in an hour and a half and both kids are asleep still. Today I have to bake bread cause we are totally out! Bread is a huge staple around here and being out of it is not an option! All I really want to do is work on printing stuff off for the lapbooks but there now, I spose you get that after this post!

I'm busy planning our Easter activities. We are planting real grass in our Easter baskets instead of using the fake stuff. I saw that idea somewhere last week and wondered why on earth I hadn't thought of that before. Sometimes I think my head is buried in the sand! Speaking of Easter, last Sunday night we had communion at church and Peter was just full of questions about it. Its the first time he had taken communion. That was a huge part of my desire to do this Resurrection lapbook. After kids do a lapbook they understand a subject so much more!

Of course, there are all the traditional Polish Easter dishes to start thinking about. Easter in our house is a culinary delight as well as a feast for the schoolroom! And then there's the May day baskets I have determined that my kids will do this year! Oh, dear reader, I really better just get off of here. There is so much to do and to think about and to put together.

In countless fluted creases
The little elm-leaves show,
While white as carded fleeces
The dogwood blossoms blow.

A rosy robe is wrapping
The early red-bud trees;
But still the haws are napping,
Nor heed the honey-bees.

And still in lazy sleeping
The apple-buds are bound,
But tulip-tips are peeping
From out the garden ground.

And yonder, gayly swinging
Upon the turning vane,
A robin redbreast singing
Makes merry at the rain!

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