Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Literature and Spring Plans

It has dawned on me that I can now pull out my old Five In A Row and reuse it with Peter! Oh happy day! I try not to force my love of literature on the kids but when a person is passionate about something its hard not to push it on others. Peter loves to read but I don't see him developing a great love of literature. I suppose that is to be expected with a boy. But regardless of where his love lies I am going to introduce him to it anyway. So out comes my FIAR books!This is exciting stuff. I cant tell you how I love it. Im also going to use the
Literature book from Veritas Press that has all the books with workbook pages. And by the way, if you're looking for good literature for your child check out this site at Veritas Press. I have linked to the second grade literature but you can find all grades there on the sidebar at Veritas Press. I need to keep Peter occupied. I had forgotten how quickly a second grader can go through his work compared to a 6th grader!

I'm also going to go back to lapbooking since Peter has never done one before. With Spring around the corner I'm going to do one on Springtime with them. I haven't ran this by Tink yet. She may not be interested and if she isn't I'm not going to push it. I am going to insist that Peter do it though. Tink stays incredibly busy with her books. It's Peter that needs more. I'm thinking of taking the more scientific approach to spring than just the nature stuff because Peter loves science. I'll have to see whats out there for this sort of lapbook because I am not into making my own this time around. Speaking of lapbooks, the Multiplication Lapbook I made and designed is making its way around the world, I kid you not. It has been linked to over and over and is part of lapbook clubs and yahoo groups. Maybe I should have copyrighted the thing. I had no idea it would catch on like it did.

Tink is writing the final draft of her report on Mice. She is typing it into Microsoft Word and loving it. Peter is in a typing class this year so I'm using the same website to teach Tink how to type. Both kids have to spend at least 15 minutes a day on their typing lessons. Peter is thrilled to discover that if he keeps his fingers on home row he can type without looking. Tink doesn't see whats so great about it! sigh

Both kids are busy making their cars for the Awana Grand Prix this weekend. Oh the decisions that must be made! I have left the entire thing to their Dad. He has cut their designs and helped them with sanding and painting and the whole bit. I have had nothing to do with it. I love projects that I don't have to be a part of! Sometimes its nice to sit back and let someone else do the teaching!

While Ive been typing this I have been in the Academy's family room. A Russian lady came in a while ago and she and I have spent the last half hour talking with her. She teaches Russian here at the Academy. I had a fun half hour of picking her brain about the culture there. She explained to me the difference between Orthodox Russians and Old Believers, and the difference in weather from St Petersburg to Kazakhstan where my girlfriend lives. She told me about the types of wheat grown there and how the peasants have made a living from genetically programming wheat when they didn't even know they were genetically programming it. She laughed a rippling bell like laugh at the thought of it. She is such a refreshing lady, beautiful in her long dress and brown wavy hair to her waist. Ah, its a good day when I meet new people and learn new things!

I have several homeschool events and fun things scheduled with the kids. This morning I made our plane reservations to Idaho to visit grandma over spring break. Mr Darling is going to meet us up there on the weekend and drive home with us so that means we will do a bunch of sight seeing on the way home. I'm actually looking forward to it. My sister and her family are there too so there is always plenty to do.She has nine children so each of my kids have a cousin or two around their ages up there to play with. She also owns and operates a bent and dent store. The kids love helping out in the stock room or at the register. They're all excited about it!

Next week one of my friends is doing a huge homeschool play date at her house. Its called Home School Recess. The kids are all Peter and Tinks age so they will playing basketball and soccer and ping pong and such. I haven't told the kids about it. I have learned not to mention that stuff until closer to the date just in case something happens we cant make it. Then in April we are scheduled to do the School On Wheels with Amtrak. For only $13 a child Amtrak is offering two way fare to Seattle for homeschoolers. The idea is that you homeschool on the three hour ride to Seattle. Then you get off the train and take advantage of the Aquarium and museums close by and then be back to the train in four hours for the ride home. Its such a popular event here that I had to sign up for it last fall. I hate paying for stuff so far in advance but I had no choice. Its a wonderful opportunity for the kids. They rode the train several times before but they never tire of it.

Well Peter is now in his PE class. Tink is watching and supposedly doing her Spelling on the stage of the gym. I have a feeling I better go check and see what she is actually doing! Somehow studying in the gym doesn't sound conducive to learning.

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