Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Excitement is too much!

Well I'm thrilled. I have my little Blueberry House school filled with students this year. It really doesn't take much to fill it! I have two full time students besides my own two and that has me jumping for joy!

There are still three maybes out there. The one is a kindergarten boy that I would just tutor a few hours a week and the other is a full time student in 5th grade that is doing an online charter and I would just have to supervise her. The last one is a little 4th grade boy that would be full time. I love the full time kids. I get to know them so much better and the day flows better with the full timers.

Needless to say I'm incredibly excited about getting started. Now I have to find curriculum for the child that confirmed today. Wait a minute. Did I say I have to? Aw, lets change that. I get to find curriculum. Is there anything more exciting than blackening ones nose by turning page after page of curriculum in search of the perfect book! My heart skips a beat just walking into the home school store!

I'm already rethinking Tinks reading. I think CLE is going to be too hard for her. I think I'm going to keep her in Bob Jones. She's doing okay there so I don't think I better mess with it. I'm keeping her CLE books though because Peter will need them in a year or so and besides that the reader is so full of wonderful stories that it belongs on everyones bookshelf whether or not they are using that curriculum.

So anyway, I'm just letting you know that if you want to find me the next couple of days go to the homeschool store. Look for the lady with no head. That would be me. Well, actually there will be a head attached but it will be buried deep in the bookshelves and not immediately visible!


  1. Good morning and thanks for dropping by my blog. You are ever so lucky to be able to homeschool. It is illegal here on our island. I would love to be able to do it with my kids. So can I ask you a question, on what bases do you choose one curriculum from the other?

  2. After teaching school off and on since 1979 I sorta know instinctively what curriculum would be best for what sort of learning style. Other times its a shot in the dark and sometimes I get it right and sometimes I dont. Its harder to hit the nail on the head with tutoring students than it is my own since I dont know them as well.

  3. I know what you mean about not rocking the boat once a child latches onto a curriculum. We are sticking with what my son likes. Sometimes he seems a little weary of school, but he says he wants to stay with what he has rather than trying a different method.

    Those CLE readers are wonderful. We had a terrible time choosing between the Rod & Staff and CLE, so we chose R&S for school, and the CLE readers for extra reading. We've also done those cute Pathway readers. We've got those for extra reading/school as well. Then there are these super cute vintage Faith & Freedom Catholic readers that we are going through. I love the "old fashioned" stories about the old Irish and Polish neighborhoods on the east coast.


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