Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not Back To School Blog Hop

Today I'm joining Darcys Not Back to School Blog Hop! This week we are suppose to show our school room. I guess technically I was suppose to do this yesterday, but who's keeping track? Our school room is not being used this month. August is the only month of the year that no real school takes place in this room.

Oh yeah, I am in here juggling things around and getting ready for the year ahead but the kids conveniently stay in other parts of the house. My children are not like others. They do not look forward with anticipation to the new school year. Their summers are so full of fun things that when August rolls around they are more than willing to spend their days riding bike, swimming, going to the park, going rafting on the river and camping with friends. School is just not on their agenda. This table is Tinks spot. She spends most of her study time here. You will never see Peter here unless he's doing crafts.

Here is where Peter studies, across the room from Tinks desk. I also have another school desk in the media room for students who are watching videos and taking notes. Other times it's used for studying when a student wants to get away from any tutoring noises going on in the school room.
This pic was taken from standing in the curriculum closet. That chest of drawers with the colored fronts is filled with craft supplies. Oh, did you want to see the curriculum closet?

Here it is in all it's glory. I have tons of work to do here. The file cabinet is on the wall behind me in this room.

Here is a close up of the top shelf of that book shelf on the right. Yes, the kids love to craft things and this is the supply shelf.

And here is a close up of the other bookshelf that holds curriculum.
Because I tutor and homeschool other peoples children I have added computer stations around the house. This is the one that my kids use the most. It is downstairs on the main floor.
Here is our second computer station. This is actually my sewing cabinet made over. This station is at the top of the hall on the same floor as the school room. My computer in the school room makes up the third station.

There is actually another computer station but it is in my husbands office and used only by me if all the others are full.

So now you have seen where we study and learn. How about showing us your space. Go on over to Darcy's and join in the fun!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I especially love the computer centers. I also think its neat that you tutor and home school others. Here in NH you cannot home school (at least full time) children that are not your own.

  2. Oh, can I have the monkey in the desk? That bit of whimsy is enough to inspire even the most reluctant scholar, I think!

  3. I love it!! The walls are so pretty and I really love that closet!!!

  4. Nice pictures! I've been thinking of repurposing my dining room table as a craft table. Of course that would require me to get a new dining room table!


  5. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your schoolroom looks great -- I love the clouds on the walls!

  6. Very nice. Thanks for sharing

  7. Cute little school room!

  8. Everything is so neat! That is wonderful! We used to have a study room back in Colombo. I miss that! Now, our study area shares space with the living and dining rooms at our new place. Still works and I am glad. We are still trying to fit it all in.

  9. I see some of my favorite Rod & Staff books on your shelf, and I like your little "student" in the chair. He looks like he's raring to learn. ;)


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