Monday, August 10, 2009

Working in the school room

I have spent this balmy summer afternoon going through the school room files. I've relived memories of Tinks struggles and victories on her road to learning. My what a journey we have had!

Now I have the children's workbooks all filed in their own files under the correct grade and name. We are doing several subjects that use paces or lightunits as CLE calls them. These need filed with their answer keys so the kids can pull them themselves. In the process I discovered that I overlooked ordering Peters reading workbooks. I ordered the answer keys and the textbook but no workbooks. Arrggh! I plan on getting that order in this afternoon.

I had debated whether or not to buy the home science kit that went with Peters Science curriculum but after browsing through things I have decided that it would be very nice to have the kit. That way when he needs to do something we don't have to run all over looking for a beaker or a measuring device, never mention the fact that we don't even own a microscope. So I'm thinking I'll stick that kit into the order. It's made up of the exact things needed for each experiment and matches the lesson plans. I think Peter will be thrilled. He loves Science. Tink is taking two science classes at the charter school so I wont be teaching her the Science.

I just figured out that Labor Day isn't until the 7th this year. That seems like such a late start to school. It gives an entire week in September before we have to hit the books. I suppose I should look at it as a good thing because it will give me more time to get the tomatoes done in the garden but I am just raring to go!

I have a bunch of stuff I have to print out before school starts so I do have some school stuff to stay busy with. Tink and Peter are doing the same handwriting course so I need to make copies of the handwriting sheets so I can use the same book. Tink will go faster than Peter since she has had cursive before. She hates using cursive but I'm hoping that by putting her back through the course and that she will will get more efficient with it. It will be Peters first year of cursive but I have no doubts he will sail through.

Well now I better get that order in before time to make dinner. I'm grilling chicken and garden squash and making some rice pilaf to go with it.


  1. Yeah, the organizing papers thing is just as important as the furniture and takes more time,too, doesn't it? :P

  2. Seems to all be coming together. What handwriting do you use??

  3. We have a countdown to the start of school on our whiteboard. School starts for us in thirteen days! This month is crazy!

  4. I am really looking forward to seeing how your completed curriculum looks. I always love seeing how others do school, and your successes with Tink have inspired me to push my children to their full capabilities this year.


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