Wednesday, August 5, 2009

More curriculum buys

Spent a delightful hour at the homeschool store. Came away $150.00 poorer but I finished getting Peters curriculum and I got the rest of the curriculum I needed for one of my tutoring students plus a Spelling book for my sister in law. So all in all it wasn't too bad.

Going into the store just whetted my appetite for more books and more learning going on here. I wanted to come home and get the kids into their books immediately but alas, there were 25 pounds of cucumbers waiting for me to make into pickles.

September cant get here fast enough!


  1. One hour = $150? That's over $2 a minute! Wow! :]

    Hope all is well and you got your *25* pounds of cucumbers pickled ok!

  2. Yikes Mrs C did you have to break it down into minutes like that? LOL

  3. So, glad to finally catch up with your blogs. Glad you got your stuff.

  4. I think that was a pretty low price, considering. I'll be glad when the planning and buying are over and we've settled into a teaching/learning routine.

  5. I could easily do this! Love the curriculum stores...I have to reign myself in when I'm there. I don't go to the homeschool conferences anymore because it all looks too good. lol. My son has ended up with double reading programs for a few years because I couldn't choose. It's good for him anyway, but this year we may need to slow down with this - more involved with the higher grades now.


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