Saturday, August 1, 2009

Revamping the Learning Center

Today I will be running around town all the live long day. I have so much I need to accomplish. With babysitting all week it leaves only the weekends for getting things done. I have to make a trip into the big metro land to the Christian Supply Center to get sheet music for Tink. I hate going to the big city for stuff. While I'm there I'm going to buy the book The Power of a Praying Kid. I want Tink to read it. I looked on Amazon for the book The Power of a Praying Teen and say immediately that Tink would not be able to relate to those topics. My dear little Tink is such a young 12 year old, bless her heart.

I'm also taking these next four weeks before school to refigure the use of my schoolroom. I need to make sure that I am using it to it's fullest. In reevaluating the furniture in the room I see that I could move some things out that don't pertain to school. I have a chest of drawers that holds craft stuff but I really could put that somewhere else. I'm thinking of moving it into the walk in closet so I have room for another school desk.

I also got to thinking about ways my children study and where they study. I cant believe it didn't dawn on me before but in looking back I can recall all the times that Peter went to his room to get away from the actual learning noises of the other students. So why then have I not put a desk in his bedroom? Well that is going to change. He has a huge desk are under his bunk bed. It even has a shelf under it all for a computer tower but Peter is only 8 and his shelf is loaded with toys. We need that area. So I'm going to move in an actual school desk. I have two upstairs in the school room but I don't want to use those because they have colored seats and I want something nicer than those in his room.

Tink doesn't do well in a school desk because of her sensory issues. She needs some place where she can move around more. She loves the couch and she also likes the table here in the school room. They all afford more twisting and moving area than a desk seat.

I love rethinking everything and coming up with new and better ideas. It's all about what works and sometimes I'm amazed at how the obvious is just in front of my eyes!


  1. Good for you! I'm sure Peter will love it.

  2. Our dds preferences for where they work completely depend on what they're working ON. Most of the time they prefer the comfort and paraphrasing what you said, wiggle room, of the couch, but for things that require real focus, they prefer to be in a room alone. They each have desks in their rooms, but they hardly ever get used. It will be interesting to see how Peter chooses to use his new space.
    ~Mrs. Woody

  3. Mrs Woody I really think that Peter will use his desk since he already retires to his room to do his work. I think one reason he likes the desk is that he has only been homeschooled this past spring term. The other year and a half he was at public school in a school desk. I really think thats why this will work with him. I too will be interested in seeing how it all pans out.


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