Friday, August 21, 2009

I Hate the Detailed Planning

I'm working on a unit study of the Civil War for fall term. Can anyone tell me why I just don't a use unit study all made up? I have this thing about getting the bones of a study from other resources but then working my head off to change it all. I tell myself to just go with it after all I paid for the unit study but it doesn't work that way. Many times I just think I need to write and sell my own curriculum. It would save me so many problems!

I have six students this year including my own two. Trying to work everyones schedules together is fine, detailed work and I don't do detailed work very well. I look huge bulky problems that you can get your hands and mind around.

Look at this schedule I am working with.

I will call the students by numbers.

On Mondays I take my kids, numbers one and two, and student number 3 to the charter Academy at 9 am. At 10 am we are joined there by number 4. At that time I take numbers two, three, and four back to my house and school them all day. At 2:15 I take those kids back to the charter school. I pick up number one who has been there all day and drop off number four for his mother to pick up. I bring home numbers one, two and three. Three is later picked up here.

Tuesdays I have students one, two, three and four all day. We are joined for three hours in the morning by student five. He leaves and I'm back to four students for the day.

Wednesdays I take one, two and three to the Academy and we are there all day. Everyone has different classes.

Thursdays numbers one through four come for the day and now we are joined for three hours by number 6. Number 6 leaves at noon. The other four school on through until 2.

Friday I just have my own kids numbers one and two!

To combine tutoring with off site classes and making everyones offsite classes dove tail is giving me a migraine but I do think it is finally coming together. I spend entire days working with parents on schedule, I kid you not.

Now I just need to get curriculum all fine tuned!


  1. At least my six are just that, mine! Wow, you're going to be busy this year! Oh, wait! So am I!

  2. That sounds like a fun unit. I will buy if you sell. LOL!!!


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