Monday, August 31, 2009

School shopping

Went school shopping today. I spent 228 bucks on school supplies and shoes. Yes, I homeschool but there are certain things the kids need. I got each of them a tub for storing their books and things in. Peter needed a coat and shoes and Tink needed shoes. Of course there was also all the little things adding up. The kids had gobs of fun. They love school shopping. Peter picked out everything in black. Tink bought everything in pink. Ya gotta love it!


  1. Gotta love it. But this year we are a limited so I got what I could in the best quality I could. I still need to buy two more coats some shoes for the little kids. Ethan is good.

  2. We shop all the little back to school sales where you get supplies for pennies or very little. I got a lot of stuff from CVS this year that I only had to pay tax for. I got a new back pack for free by buying other products at Meijer's with coupons. I think I spent $5 for $10 worth of food and a $10 back pack. When we went through and started to divide up the supplies this year, there were only a few things that I still needed (need) to get.

    I'm hoping that we'll have the money to go get the kids new shoes soon. They'll need them for Homeschool Phys. Ed. and winter. The ones they have now are falling apart. are mine. lol

  3. I hear so much about CVS and we dont even have those things out here. We also dont have a sales tax which makes me happy. Another thing that makes my happy is that we got Peters back pack free from the bank and it was a good one which surprised me! Looks like you're getting some good deals brandi. And speaking of shoes $100 of that was spent on just! :)


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