Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Story of the World, Story of My Day

Today we finally got into Story of The World. We've been doing it but it wasn't working like I wanted it to, so I tweaked the schedule and made it fit. I first had to decide what students I really wanted to take the course. Students come and go from here all day and there's a different mixture at different times of the day. No matter how I thought about it I just couldn't decide where to really fit it in.

I finally figured out that my problem was that I didn't want any of the kids to miss it! Well, I tucked it into the Tuesday afternoon slot and that will catch 5 of the six kids that come through my door. The other one is only 5 years old and wouldn't be interested anyway.

I love the Cd's. Its so nice to have someone else read the story to the kids besides myself. While the story is being read the kids do the color page. After the story they narrate back to me and orally answer the questions in the book. We do this in a class setting.

Then we do the map work and chart out the different areas. The kids love it. I thought of dividing everything up into tiny segments and cover several days but it just works better for us if we take out a chunk of the afternoon and just do it all then.

Today was a very rough school day. Nobody wanted to listen. Tink was in a sensory frame of mind. Peter fought with the other student his age all the live long day! I thought I was going to lose it with that boy! Peter and Tink just couldn't pull i together today. Tink had to have her 2 cents in on everything and if I turned my back for one minute chaos reigned! I ended the day so exhausted I actually crawled into bed at 6:00pm, turned out the light and slept soundly for an hour.

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  1. Glad you got to do the Story of the World. Good for you taking a rest.


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