Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh the Frustration

Okay, Ive had it! I'm going to write my own curriculum! I've thought about it for ages and now I know I'm going to have to bite the bullet and write it myself. . . . someday!

I cant find any good history or Social Studies out there! Yes, we are doing Story of The World but I want Tink doing more. One reason is that if she is reading from a SS book she is getting in extra reading and by doing a workbook I can better see how much she is comprehending what she is reading.

A child like Tink will not read two stories in her Reading book in one day. Her goal is not to learn and to work hard to progress academically. Her goal is to complete the lesson and call it good. So that being the case I have to sneak other reading in by way of other subjects so she doesn't catch on that it is really more of the same!

I pulled her out of the Reading in Christian Light Education and today I bought her the 5th grade Reading through Bob Jones. I pulled her out of the Social Studies through CLE but I don't like Bob Jones History at any level! Its odd cause I love Bob Jones otherwise. I just don't like their History. So it looks like I will have to find something on the Internet. I tell you, I really will write my own someday. You just watch me!

I ordered Social Studies, Reading and Language Arts from CLE for Tink this year. The only things she is still in is LA. I ordered Reading, Language Arts, Science and Bible for Peter and he is still doing all of them save the Reading. I ordered too high of a book for him. I really think he will be able to do CLE. It's a very advanced program and it is definitely not for the slow learner or the student with learning difficulty. It just does not work for Tink or my 4th grade tutor student.

So here I go to research curriculum for a good history program. By the way if you want an excellent history for grades 1 -3 I highly recommend Abeka. It's amazing.

I might resort to living history books for Tink. I'll have to see.


  1. I started reading this post and thought to myself, I wonder if she's used living history books. Then I got to the end. They work very well for us. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to try?

  2. I hope you get it all figured out. :)

  3. I don't like Bob Jones history either. It's too slanted for us.

    How about reading history(living history)at Mainlesson.com, or learning history through art(classics) - much more interesting! I think the best history class I ever had was an art history class. It makes it stick better with all the beautiful paintings, buildings and sculptures, the great stories of the paintings, and people involved(gossip, really).

    Have you tried the fairly easy to read short history stories by James Baldwin? He was a Quaker, so his stories are gentle and very interesting for children. These on at Mainlesson.com, downloadable to read on a laptop, or they sell the printed books:


    If you need easier sites to download from, let me know. I can get them to you.

    Jeremy really liked his Famous People series(about 4th grade level).

    Hope ya' find something soon. :)

  4. Thanks for those links! Im going to take a look at them this weekend. Even if I dont use them for Tink I might use it for Peter. Im thinking of pulling him out of his charter school history class and those might be just what he needs!


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