Thursday, November 12, 2009

North America is the Lords

Okay I'm well aware that I am beating this History thing to death but that's where I am right now and that's where I'm going to stay for a bit. I came to a sort of resolution. I put Tink back into North America is the Lords by Christian Light Education. I decided to sit with her and just do it with her. I think the lugging down in the history department was more a stubborn resistance than anything.

She really does seem to get it. Of course, the huge, mammoth history book is intimidating but she needs to get over that. I was struck again at what small chunks they take in that book. There is no reason she shouldn't be able to understand it.

I really want her to get this stuff because we have beat Colonial America and the founding fathers and presidents to death around here. This is different in that she is studying about the Continent of North America and all its different climates. She is studying about the tundra of the Arctic right now and what flowers grow there and what animal life it supports. She studied about the Rockies and the Continental Divide, the great lakes and the plains. Like I said this is a new branch of social studies and I think she needs to know this stuff.

I still haven't taught the kids about the wars. They did a real brief overview of WW1 about three years ago and that was it. I will need to hit that next year. I'm planning on studying the Civil War and the World Wars in different terms. For now though Tink stays in CLE!

I've made a little change in schedule to accommodate Peters piano practice. Eight years old is very different from 12 years old when it comes to the ability to work when tired. Peter just has one melt down after another when he tries to do his music practice in the evenings. So now I have decided to let both kids practice their music in the morning, right after devotions and Bible Memory and before they start their reading. It seems to be going much better for Peter this way. I think it will be better for Tink too once she gets in the groove!

I am so incredibly tired tonight I am going to bed now. I'm just exhausted. Tomorrow Peter has an early dentist appointment then an early afternoon viola practice. Other than that I am going to work in the school room all day.


  1. Okay, and WHY have I not been reading this blog? Already I am INSPIRED! I am excited to hit school hard very soon~pregnancy took its toll on us, and we are BEHIND! (((((HUGS))))) sandi

  2. Sandi I have no idea why you havent been reading this, you dear friend! You will notice a few older posts have been imported from dishpan dribble but dont let that stop you. Theres plenty of new things! My aim is to inspire! So now go get those books out and blog all about it!


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