Wednesday, November 18, 2009

How To Make Firewood; By Peter Darling

First you need to cut a tree down. You need a chainsaw and some gloves and some safety glasses and ear muffs.

And then you cut the limbs. You need a chainsaw or some clippers.

Next you use your tape measure to measure the wood and then take a chainsaw and cut your wood.

Then split it with axe. If it isn’t splitting you need a wedge to help.

The wood is ready to be stacked now. You need some pallets to keep the wood dry from the wet ground.

Be Peter

We are learning to write stories here at Blueberry House. Peter first had to use a graphic organizer to do his How To paper. I told him I wanted him to choose something he knew how to do and then list the steps to get it done. On the left column of the paper he wrote the steps. In the right column he wrote the items needed for each step.

Then we moved on to the rough draft. This version here is his rough draft. I left it just like he wrote it; typos and all. He is just so proud of this paper. I make him type his papers in Microsoft Word. As you know, if you are even close to the right spelling of that program will correct the word for you.

I have a whole article written by a teacher about this new twenty first century way of teaching our kids to write. Handwriting is out since our kids will most likely be using the computer for even the most mundane writing in the future. And the computer will be far more advanced than these clunky things we have now. We already see that in the IPods and hand held computers. But anyway that's a subject for another post.

Now I'm out the door for the academy and the Thanksgiving feast. My little Indian is so excited. I've made a pumpkin pie and he cant wait to take his pie to the class. Hopefully I will remember to take some pics!

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  1. Well, I think that Peter knows a whole lot more about cutting firewood than I do. ;) Great job Peter!


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