Monday, November 23, 2009

Times Tales

One more day of school this week and then we are done until next Monday! Its a short week and I'm glad of it.

For the last three weeks I have halted all Math for the third graders. Instead of proceeding in the Math book we have been working on getting those pesky multiplication tables down. From here on out all else hinges on knowing those. Skip counting just wasn't working. It just seemed that the kids could not remember all those numbers when we got past 5. The sixes stumped them and it was time to do something.

I've been printing worksheets from the Internet for these three weeks. One of the boys is sorta getting it, the other is still struggling a lot. Tink has worked with them enough now that she really does seem to have them committed to memory. I thought we would never see that point with her. I finally let her use a multiplication chart because I was worn out trying to teach her for two years and still not getting it into her brain. Well, as it turns out we are in our fourth year now and somehow they are sticking with her.

Not so for Peter and P. So I did what every good homeschooler does and begin my research on the Internet. I also begin asking other homeschoolers if they knew of any easy way to teach multiplication. As a result here is what I bought. Its called Times Tales. In one day Peter knows his 3's and 4's. I haven't taught him the rest yet. I cannot say enough good about Times Tales as a method for teaching the multiplication. You must go check it out!


  1. Oh my goodness I love Times Tales. We found these a couple of years ago and it worked so well. I will say they need a refresher by now. It was one of the best hs purchases I have made.

  2. I'll have to look into this ~ Cindy is *still* having trouble remembering her times tables...I've given her a laminated chart to refer to when needed as well. :-)

  3. I started using this today with my younger two after having used it with my oldest a couple years ago. It is fun and helps visual learners as well.


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