Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sports, Music and Science

School consumes every day yet it doesn't hit this blog. How weird is that? I've been busy teaching little ones to read and write and that is a full time job!

Tinks volley ball team has been having 5:30 am practices at the nearby college and I have just gotten so tired of it. I finally set about to find a gym that they could use in the afternoons. Well God cares about the little things. The gym at the Charter school had openings and now Tinks team, the Eagles, from the Christian Academy is able to play in a gym in the afternoons. The Christian Academy doesn't have a gym of their own so they are at the mercy of the gyms in the area. Today Tink had her first practice with the Eagles, in the charter gym. It's such a blessing!

Peter is busy with his music lessons and wont hit sports until January. He seems to have a real love for the piano...more so than the viola. The jury is still out though so I'm going to wait and see how it goes before I pull him from viola.

I'm looking around for a good secular Science curriculum. I need one that isn't faith based so the charter school can accept work samples from me. Does anyone know of any publisher that puts out a good third grade Science curriculum? Id love to hear from you.

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  1. I hope your next post has pictures! I liked seeing the school arrangements you had set up earlier. Hopefully things are calming down just a little there Mrs. D. :]


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