Monday, December 14, 2009

Pics of the Learning Day

School continues in a rather seamless way. I would love to be on Christmas break right now but I am not and so I must live with it. After all, it is my schedule and no one elses so I could break it if I wanted to, right? Then what's the point of complaining? Well there is none really, save the fact that I really have to stick to a contract that the parents have signed concerning what days are school days and which ones aren't.

I've only got in 58 days of school this year since I don't homeschool on too many Fridays. According to the state we need 180 days in but I'm not worried. They will come in due time.

Mrs C has asked for more pics of school so today I just grabbed the camera and took off through the learning spaces and snapped what I saw. This is the result.Tink has always got to be doing something a little different. Im telling you that girl marches to a different drummer! That pic is not in any way posed. Thats exactly how she was studying when I caught her.

The pics below were taken a couple of weeks ago. The kids were doing their History. Note the CD player on the table. They listen to the Cd's of Story of the World and do the map work and art work while they listen. Its a lovely break for me from the usual teaching. You might also note the messy school room and Tinks wet hair and robe. This is not the result of a late morning. Instead these pics were taken at exactly 1:00 pm. The learning space is all a'cluttered from the days activities. Tink had been dressed but she took a shower and washed her hair over the lunch break because she has volley ball practice at 2:30.
Some how I don't have any good pics of the other three kids I tutor. I will have to remedy that and get their pics on here too. Really nothing shows better the truth of homeschooling than a peek into the learning spaces! Sometimes it's just not a pretty sight!

Stay tuned for Christmas pics the end of this week.


  1. I love that pic with Tink! You're right; homeschooling can be rather messy and involved. And some days we work when we don't want to. That's so awesome that you have an entire room dedicated to just that. It's nice to read a book on the couch and all, but feels good to have all your supplies and materials in one room. Mine are all through the house. :]

    Thanks for sharing your day!

  2. Sniff, now I realyl miss my camera. ;) Anyway, love Tink. I feel her spunkiness through the blog. :) Thanks for sharing.


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