Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Oh the Pain

Today one of the kids looked at his worksheet and just wailed, "Contractions, contractions, contractions! Whyyyy so many contractions!?"

It made me think about how tedious it must be to learn the English language. Poor kid, some day he'll thank me!


  1. I remember saying that myself....though I was in labor at the time. Ahem.

  2. Emily you are the fault that my screen now has coffee all over it! Bwahahahahaha!

  3. Too funny! I just got done reading an update of an expectant mother before reading this.

  4. Ha! Sorry Mrs. D - I couldn't resist!

  5. Too funny Emily!!!

    Mrs. D...one of my girls has a similar vendetta toward "silent letters"...such as the "gh" in "light"..."WHY is it there at all if it's not going to make a sound?", she laments!


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