Monday, January 11, 2010

Changing the Language Arts Program

We are well into the swing of the New Year. I revamped the schedule a little to give us a bit more free time on Wednesdays. It's helping my weekly outlook considerably. Once again I have changed Peter and Tinks curriculum. I started the year with the kids in Christian Light Education because I wanted a self paced program for them.

It didn't work. The last thing I pulled them out of was the Language Arts. Last week I started them both back into Bob Jones again. Peter had some catch up work to do the first of the year, from his time spent in public school. With the start of his new Language Arts I am happy to say that he is now working at grade level in all subjects!

Tink doesn't like her new Bob Jones book but she was just spinning her wheels in CLE. So we'll see what happens here. I certainly hope I don't have to change anything else. This has been the hardest year for straightening out the curriculum and I'm not sure why.

The 27th of this month is a homeschool showcase at the charter school. I am making a backboard to showcase Blueberry House. I will take pics and show you all when it is done. I like the idea of a showcase for homeschool. It gives kids a chance to show off their hard work and their experiments and such. This year though I am going to use the Winter Showcase to advertise my business. I think it will be a great way to get a little more exposure.

Today the kids have orchestra classes. Then it's back home to do school here. At 2:30 it's back to the charter school. One kid goes to Science class, I pick up Tink who has been at the school all day and take Peter to piano lessons. After piano lessons we usually have book club but its been canceled this week. That makes my day a little lighter.

At 3:15 I pick up my granddaughter from the Christian Academy and then we are home for the night. I usually don't get back home here on Mondays until 5:30pm. Book club ends in March so my Mondays will always be a little lighter like this after we finish the club.

Well hope you all have a good week on the homeschool front. I have to go make lunches!

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  1. I am thinking of switching to Bob Jones LA this fall.


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