Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Around the Homeschool

What a beautiful balmy morning! All the kids are quietly tucked into corners doing their Reading right now so I too have a quiet morning. The sun is spilling into the school room windows bathing everything in a soft glow. I love mornings.

Homeschool continues to flow at a hurried pace. Peter has about 4 books that need to be read in the next two weeks. He can't read that fast so I will be doing lots of reading to him. He is listening to Marley a Dog Like No Other on an audio book and I am orally reading Bud Not Buddy to him. In this manner we can start striking out the books on his list.

I've put Peter in Reading Detective along with his Bob Jones. Reading detective is a book of short stories and work sheets. The big plus for this book is the practice it gives the kids on pulling out inferences and information that is not written in the story. Bob Jones does that too but this makes so that every day Peter is being exposed to critical thinking at a concentrated level.

Juggling the schedule is continuing to be a challenge. Some things are ending while others are beginning. Book Club will be over in March. Volley ball will be over Monday but Basketball will just be beginning! Basketball practices are usually Tuesday and Thursday nights with games on Saturday. Fortunately the only thing I have scheduled Thursday nights is Peters viola lesson and I think we can fit both the lesson and the practice in.

This week I only have 3 full time students so I'm using the time to drill the parts of speech and multiplication to my third graders. The extra time was badly needed for the boys.

Tutoring on Fridays will end this Friday too since the state testing begins this coming week. It will be nice to have my Fridays free again. Between tutoring and volleyball games my Fridays have been eaten up without any housework or laundry or catch up stuff getting done.

Well after many interruptions I finally finish this. Reading period is over and its time to move on to phonics.

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  1. Think of all the wonderful wisdom making moments going on. You are great.


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