Sunday, July 18, 2010

What are the Pros and Cons of the Courses Offered Through The Teaching Company

I've been browsing the Internet looking for curriculum ideas. Thats what we homeschoolers do best, ya know! In my search I found this post over at Two Kid Schoolhouse; Change of Homeschool Plans. She mentions the history course offered by The Teaching Company. Its a course on DVD and I am highly interested in it. Tink learns well through DVD primarily because she is at that age where mom as teacher is not as cool as it used to be! I was wondering though if any of you have used any thing from this company and what are your ideas about it. Did you like it or didn't you? I'd really like to hear from anyone who has an opinion about the DVD's.


  1. Mrs. D - we have only used one course for our kids (roughly 6th and 7th grade) so far - the World History course done by the same teacher who does the American History course.

    It is a lecture format, 30 minutes each lecture. There are no visuals except the teacher. He is fantastic! In every lecture he takes on a character - costumed - from the time period he is lecturing on. It is very accessible and interesting and fun. But my kids have learned a lot too.

    There is a workbook that comes with the course - we didn't use it this time around except occasionally to start discussion. You could use that as you wish.

    I have watched a few other courses and all have been very good. One friend of mine uses them a lot for her high-schoolers.

    Remember to watch for the sales because the courses are greatly discounted.

  2. Okay Ive been doing more brwosing through their stuff and it looks wonderful! im going to get it if I have moeny this year! I love it!


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