Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Golden Keys

One of my readers was looking for this poem. Yes, it was on the now closed Dishpan Dribble site. I did not write this but it is very old and that is probably why it cannot be found very well on search engines. It's a good poem to teach your children in this day and age when manners has taken a back seat! Here it is. Enjoy!

Golden Keys

A bunch of golden keys are mine
To make each day with gladness
"Good morning," is the golden key
That unlocks every door for
When at the table "if you please"
I take from off my bunch of
It helps to make our mealtime calm
And keeps a smile on Dad and
"Thank you" is one magic key
That helps the world to smile at
And "please," I must remember all the time
You see, it helps me share
with friends what's mine.
"May I" is a key my Mom likes best
Because I
remember to ask before I test.
Oh, I see two special golden kindness
One is "I'm sorry," and the other is "excuse me, please."
When grown
up is how I want to be
I use a certain golden key
That says "Yes please,"
"Yes I will," "Yes ma'am," "Yes sir,"
Then I get treated grown up, you can be

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